Pilot Projects
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Pilot Projects

The pilot projects are an important component in the design of the transfer activities of the transfer network s_inn. Starting from specific problems, they develop and test the implementation of the transfer in practice. By focusing on the transfer into practice and proceeding in a participatory way, they contribute to the systematic development of the transfer competencies of s_inn.

Three pilot projects have been located at EvH RWL since 2018.

The goal of the first pilot project "Counselling for Families with a Child with Disabilities" is to evaluate existing counselling and support services for families with a child with disabilities and, furthermore, to develop them in the sense of participation and support structures that are tailored to real needs and can also be implemented in the long term. The participatory implementation is intended to ensure a high quality of the evaluation results.

The focus of the "Independent Complaint and Information Centre for Flight" is to improve the living and housing conditions and the participation of refugees in Bochum. The UBIF is the contact point for refugees as well as for volunteers and full-time refugee workers. By bundling and analysing complaints, structural problems are to be identified and sustainable solutions are to be developed with local actors.

The "Social Science Shop" was established at both universities of the joint project, the EvH RWL and the KatHO Cologne. This project is intended to bring together society and science for the joint development of approaches in order to overcome ecological, ethical, technical or social problems and issues. The target group of the pilot project especially are persons and groups who are threatened by social exclusion.